Summer Holiday Dates – Habitats of the World


Week 1 – ‘Rainforest’ – Wednesday 25th July – Friday 27th July

Activities include – making snakes, rain stick instruments, walking through jungle mazes, making lots of different animals that live in a rainforest. Leaning about people who live in a rainforest.

Week 2 –  ‘Desert’- Monday 30th July – Friday 3rd August

Building sandcastles and pyramids, drawing/painting our own pirate camel, desert yoga, making giant cactus, experiments to do with the sun and sunlight, making your own mini desert gardens, making rocky road, painting sun sets and animals that live in the desert.

Week 3 – Sunday 5th August – Friday 10th August – Closed

Week 4 –  Monday 13th August – Friday 17th August – Closed

Week 3 – ‘Oceans’ Monday 20th –  Friday 24th August

Making jelly fish and a large giant whale, exploring paddling pools and playing in the water, making scuba diving masks and a coral reef, watching finding nemo/finding dory, learning about sea pollution, painting fish and sea creatures, watching the blue planet and exploring the abyss.

Week 4 – ‘Antarctica’ Monday 27th –  Friday 31st August

Playing with ice cubes and rescuing our pirate toy figures from the ice bergs, painting a giant polar bear, swimming like a seal, learning and painting the animals that live in the arctic, becoming an explorer for the day like famous explorers from the past, painting and watching the northern lights/ Aurora, making dens for animals to feel safe in.

Monday 4th September – TED Day – Open


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